Tattva® Art Hardware (A Unit of Designwise India Pvt. Ltd. ) offers a unique collection of sculptural yet functional hardware viz., curtain hardware, door handles, bathroom accessories, lamps, light fixtures etc., and also does bespoke sculptures and installations for hospitality, institutions and residential projects.

The parent company Designwise India Pvt. Ltd. (DIPL) – was established in 1998 by one of India’s leading product designers – Mukul Goyal.

DIPL markets its products under two distinct brands –  Tattva® Art Hardware and Mukul Goyal signature brand of giftware and home accents.

The company prides itself on the strong team (150 plus) comprising of designers, design sensitive technicians, a well-equipped design studio, sampling facility and an organized production environment spread over two manufacturing facilities.

Design, detailing, optimizing material and processes and delivering the function efficiently are the cornerstones of Tattva® Art Hardware (A unit of DIPL).

In addition to this there is a team looking after marketing and distribution of the company’s products and brands in India and across the world.

The company’s products are available in almost 300 stores in India and in about 30 countries around the world sold through
the finest stores and retail networks.

The company has also collaborated with renowned design and architectural firms for various projects.


Mukul Goyal is amongst the leading product designers of India.

He is an engineering graduate from IIT, Kanpur, and has trained in design at National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad and Domus Academy, Milan.

He embarked on his professional journey in 1991 and has accumulated a rich and varied work experience having worked in design and manufacturing of Jewellery, Small objects of indulgence and Home & Builder Hardware to name a few.

Mukul Goyal is the Principal Designer & Director of Designwise India Pvt. Ltd. He leads the design department of the company and also oversees production to ensure that the final product meets his exacting standards of quality and detail.

Mukul says, “Detailing, optimizing material and processes and the function are all too important in my Design Process. “

With an engineering background, intensive training in Design and hands-on experience all along, Mukul has brought to life a lot of otherwise ordinary product categories by infusing in them, his inimitable design sensibilities.

Mukul’s work is popular and has won him many admirers both in India & abroad.


Shalini C. Goyal is a seasoned marketing professional having a rich marketing and brand management experience behind her since 1995.

She is the Director and Brand Custodian at Designwise India Pvt. Ltd., and adeptly drives the marketing of the company’s products, brands and services both in India and International markets.

Her wide-ranging experiences in the past consist of marketing a varied range of products as diverse as agricultural tractors, Snack Foods, Communication Services, Event Planning & Marketing and Design Products & Services.

She enjoys using her proficiency and knowledge to promote the Tattva® Art Hardware and Mukul Goyal signature brand of giftware and home accents in the world markets.