Tattva® embodies hardware crafted through the artist’s eye, blending functionality and art with seemingly effortless grace.

From a seed, planted in 1998 by acclaimed product designer Mukul Goyal, Tattva® has grown to become the first name in art hardware, with creations that feel as good as they look. A rare blend of aesthetics and sensibility, attained through the traditional discipline of sand casting combined with modern innovations, ensures that each creation is unique and adheres to the highest standards of quality.

From curtain hardware to bathroom accessories, home décor, handles and more, Tattva® walks the tightrope between the contemporary and the traditional to find the perfect balance. Combine this with diverse styles, elegant designs and finishes and what you have are creations that add a sublime touch to your interiors. So come, look around and discover the art of Tattva® – The Art of Hardware.